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Balayage madison wi
Let's start something beautiful

Balayage is away of thinking, it's a technique to color hair where the hair is painted, freely. The hair is painted how it naturally flows to enhance certain aspects. The applications of Balayage are endless.


The natural flow and movement within the hair is the road map in tailoring to your individual hair needs and goals. 

Painting by hand allows for a softer grow out. A lower maintenance, more natural way to coloring your hair. 

Based on your hair goals, a mixture of techniques may be required.  Harlow specializes in balayage, baby lights, root shadows, root smudges, blending, tonal corrections and grey coverage.


Full Balayage & dry trim  2.5/3 hours $290

Partial Balayage & dry trim 2/2.5 hours $260

Foils+Root Shadow 3.5/4.5hours $320+ Consultation required required prior to booking

Face Frame Balayage 2.5 hours $190

Gloss / Toner + blow dry 1 hour $130+ 

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